What does WETT stand for?

  • Wood Energy Technology Transfer

Why do I need a WETT Inspection?

  • Many insurance companies require an inspection by a WETT certified inspector before issuing insurance.
  • Pre-purchase home inspection purposes
  • System performance issues
  • Visible signs of damage
  • Any changes done to venting or appliance
  • Suspected chimney fire

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

  • Once a year
  • The National Fire Code of Canada states: “Every chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition annually, at the time of an addition of any appliance, and after any chimney fire.”

Why do I have creosote build up?

  • Poor burning habits
  • Burning wet or unseasoned wood
  • Oversized or outdated stove
  • Oversized chimney flue
  • Damping down the stove too much

Why should I get my chimney cleaned in the spring or summer?

  • To identify any problems or issues so that they can be addressed before the heating season
  • Cleaning the chimney before moisture can mix with creosote to form acids that can eat away the chimney structure or liner
  • Helps reduce odour from chimney (also caused from the above)
  • Spring and Summer specials :0

Why should I install a wood insert in my fireplace?

  • Open fireplaces lose more heat than they generate
  • Inserts are more efficient and do not allow the heat loss like fireplaces do.

What wood is better for burning?

  • Most available is fir and hemlock. (fir is better)
  • The best wood for burning would be hardwoods (maple or oak)
  • Dry / Seasoned wood

What wood should I avoid?

  • Cotton wood (burns fast/ hard to dry)
  • Any pressure treated / chemically treated or painted wood
  • Wet or green wood (unsplit pieces “rounds” dry very slowly)
  • Salt / Beach wood
  • Rotted / decayed wood

What should I avoid burning?

  • The wood listed above
  • Garbage/ trash (highly flammable trash can ignite creosote resulting in a chimney fire)
  • Glossy paper (regular newspaper is okay)
  • Wrapping paper

These and more FAQs can be found at Wood Engergy Technology Transfer & Wood Energy Technicians of British columbia


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